Episode #5 – Which Is A Brilliant Troll By Victor Hugo

In this episode of Radio Free Fandom, my guest Niamh and I talk about the media we’ve been consuming recently, revel in our mutual Les Mis feels & recommend some good old Remus/Sirius fanfic!

Wolfstar Fanfic Recs:
The Great Christmas Biscuit Misunderstanding of 1977 by xylodemon
Logical Deduction by kaydeefalls
Finest in Fairford by bluepeony
That Old Black Magic by fallovermelikestars
Text Talk by merlywhirls
Common Woodbrown by imochan
Stealing Harry by copperbadge
The Shortest Distance Between Two People by riko
Let Nothing You Dismay by montparnasse
No Mum, He Really Is My Boyfriend by showmeyourtardis

Also mentioned in today’s episode:
Mackenzi Lee’s #BygoneBadassBroads
Theatre Monkey lists seats to buy or avoid in various London venues
Elizabeth & Gav’s fandom newsletter The Rec Center
The Rec Center #7, in which they rec Remus/Sirius fic

Check out the Heart, Body, Soul: Erotica with Character anthology in which Niamh has a story published! AmazonSmashwords

Time Stamps:
00:13 – 01:33 Intro
01:40 – 10:45 Media Consumed
10:53 – 37:00 Les Miserables
37:07 – 51:19 Wolfstar Recs
51:26 – 52:31 Outro

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClaireRousseau

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Twitter: @buckbeakbabie

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