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  • Episode 25 – Talkin’ About Stories with Jenny Hamilton
  • Episode 24 – The Cat Is Flerken Awesome with Bree Reads Books
  • Episode 23 – It Must Mean Something with Arlie Adlington
  • Episode 22 – Jason Is Too Good For Tahani with Ira Alexandre
  • Episode 21 – The Pure Form of Shipping with Gavia Baker-Whitelaw
  • Episode 20 – You Just About Melted Into A Puddle of Surprise from Nine Worlds 2018 & Worldcon 76
  • Episode 19 – The Emo Kylo Ren Twitter Is On Point with BookishDi
  • Episode 18 – Epilogue, What Epilogue? with Books and Pieces
  • Episode 17 – Weird Dragon Sexytimes with Julianne Benford
  • Episode 16 – One Of Those Happy Twitter Days with Chelsea Outlaw
  • Episode 15 – Go Back In There And Hug Him with Chris Brosnahan
  • Episode 14 – Not Gonna Dial It Back At Any Point with Shipper’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Episode 13 – The Perfect Ray-Gun Sound Effect with E
  • Episode 12 – Unleashes a Bunch of Tweets with Susan
  • Episode 11 – This Is A Deep Dive, Everybody… with Jenn
  • Episode 10 – Very On Brand For Both Of Us with Renay
  • Episode 9 – Because Lee Pace Is One Of Us with Erin Claiborne
  • Episode 8 – Or Like Medium People Trying Their Best with Jenny Hamilton
  • Episode 7 – Creepy, Creepy Jeff Goldblum Planet with Charlotte Geater
  • Episode 6 – Freeze, We Are Police Colleagues with Penny Plain Knits
  • Episode 5 – Which Is A Brilliant Troll By Victor Hugo with Niamh
  • Special 1 – Conventions! Just Like Twitter, Except You Can Have Coffee
  • Episode 4 – You Can’t Take the Sea From Me with Kat Kourbeti
  • Episode 3 – This Show Fosters my Brutal Slytherin Tendencies for Revenge with Alastair JR Ball
  • Episode 2 – You’re My Nemesis And You Shoot… My Nemesis! with Nick Bryan
  • Episode 1 – The Vulcans Are Like Uber-Ravenclaw, Right? with Kay Taylor Rea