RFF Special the First: Conventions! Just Like Twitter, Except You Can Have Coffee

In this first ever Special Episode of Radio Free Fandom, my guests Maija, Elizabeth, Rachel, Alasdair and Kate talk about conventions in general and Worldcon in particular.

Mentioned in the episode:
WorldCon75 Programme Schedule
Helsinki Restaurant Guide
Helsinki Transport

Time Stamps:
00:14 – 01:24  Intro
01:31 – 16:52  Helsinki 101 with Maija
17:00 – 30:28  Congoing Tips with Elizabeth
30:26 – 57:35  Hugo Awards Speculation with Rachel
57:43 – 01:13:34  Attending Cons as a Pro with Alasdair
01:13:42 – 01:23:55  Business Meeting 101 with Kate
01:24:03 – 01:24:42  Outro

Find Claire online:
Twitter: @ClaireRousseau
Website: http://www.clairerousseau.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClaireRousseau

Find Maija online:
Booktube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaijaReads
Twitter: @maijareads

Find Elizabeth online:
Website: http://earlgreyediting.com.au/
Twitter: @elizabeth_fitz

Find Rachel online:
Booktube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kalanadi
Twitter: @koenix

Find Alasdair online:
Website: https://alasdairstuart.com/
Podcasts: http://escapeartists.net/
Twitter: @AlasdairStuart

Find Kate online:
Kate doesn’t have a project or social media she wanted to plug, but you can always find her snarking in the back row of the Business Meeting if you’re attending.

If you have comments or questions, you can email the podcast at radiofreefandom@gmail.com or tweet us @RadioFreeFandom.

Thanks for tuning in to Radio Free Fandom! 

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