Episode #6 – Freeze, We Are Police Colleagues

In this episode of Radio Free Fandom, my guest Penny and I recommend some crossover & fusion fanfic, discuss all the things we love about police sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine and look back to the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Crossover/Fusion Fanfic Recs:
Gene Therapy by LadyRa
King and Dragonheart by manic_intent
Carrying Dangerous Goods [podfic] by novembersmith (author), dodificus (narrator)
this one goes out to by novembersmith (author), knight_tracer (narrator)
More Important Things by captainskellington
Scenes from a Cultural Exchange, or The Muppets Take New Burbage by LovelyPoet
Elegance and Taste by Fyre
Reconcilable Differences by astolat
ROGERS: An American Musical by HopeNight

Also mentioned in today’s episode:
Brooklyn Nine Nine Hogwarts AUs on Ao3

Time Stamps:
00:13 – 00:54  Intro
01:02 – 15:20  Crossover Recs
15:28 – 40:39  Brooklyn Nine-Nine
40:47 – 53:51  Avatar: the Last Airbender
53:59 – 55:10  Outro

Brooklyn Nine Nine Spoiler Warnings:
From 29:20 we discuss the end of Season 2 and the show’s main romance plot.
From 36:29 we discuss the end of Season 4 and what may be coming next.

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