Episode #21 – The Pure Form of Shipping

In this episode of Radio Free Fandom, my guest Gavia & I take a closer look at the Coffee Shop AU and why fandom loves it so. We’ll also recommend some of our favourite Coffee Shop & Bakery AUs.

Mentioned in this episode
Gavia’s Daily Dot piece, Millenials can’t stop writing fanfiction about coffee shops

Coffee Shop & Bakery AU Recommendations
The Rec Center #143 
New Beautiful Things Come by Raven
Here Come the Dreams by PorcupineGirl
You’re Adoughrable by grantairrible
Every Good Thing by erebones
Coffee, Trapper Hats and Chocolate Wasabi Fudge Cake by perfect_plan
Sugary Shenanigans by Madlyie
The Usual by aibidil

Time Stamps:
00:04  Intro
00:51  Coffee Shop AUs & why we love them
25:08  Coffee Shop & Bakery AU Recs
33:18  Outro

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