Episode #20 – You Just About Melted Into A Puddle of Surprise

In our first ever Radio Free Fandom recorded on the road, my guests Alastair, Niamh, Nick, Charlotte, Susan, Renay, Jenny, Thomas & Denise talk about our favourite bits of Nine Worlds 2018 & Worldcon 76, with recommendations from Alasdair & a guest appearance from John Scalzi!

Time Stamps:
00:12  Intro
01:35  Nine Worlds
18:00  WorldCon
30:52  Recommendations

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One thought on “Episode #20 – You Just About Melted Into A Puddle of Surprise

  1. Ed Beecher says:

    The director for Star Trek Discovery David Barret was in attendance at the Hugo Awards. We got to talk for a hot 2 minutes. I use to work for Paramount back in the day so we had a couple of touch points.

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