Episode #13 – The Perfect Ray-Gun Sound Effect

In this episode of Radio Free Fandom, my guest Ellen & I are going a bit meta and talking about podcasts & why we love them, and then recommending some found family stories that give us happy warm, fuzzy feels.

Mentioned in today’s episode:
Ellen’s podcast Feminist Poltergeist
Witch Please!
Free sound effects
Not Now I’m Reading
Renay of Fangirl Happy Hour (also my guest on Episode #10 of this very podcast!)
Galactic Suburbia
Welcome to Nightvale
Uncanny Magazine podcast
Escape Artists
Mur Lafferty of I Should Be Writing & Ditch Diggers
Sheep Might Fly

Found Family Recommendations
The Toby Daye series by Seanan McGuire
The InCryptid series by Seanan McGuire
New Girl
The Pangalactic Interstellar Starship Musain by
Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Aaron (also Brian Wood and Brian Michael Bendis)
The Society of Gentlemen series by K. J. Charles
My video review of The Society of Gentlemen series
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
The Bearer of Good Food
this has been a public service announcement by Nokomis

Time Stamps:
00:04  Intro
01:18  Podcasts!
21:03  Found Family Recs
31:29  Outro

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